Whiskey Barrel Wood Twin Inlay Rose Gold Titanium Wedding Band
Whiskey Barrel Wood Twin Inlay Rose Gold Titanium Wedding Band
Whiskey Barrel Wood Twin Inlay Rose Gold Titanium Wedding Band
Whiskey Barrel Wood Twin Inlay Rose Gold Titanium Wedding Band
Whiskey Barrel Wood Twin Inlay Rose Gold Titanium Wedding Band
Whiskey Barrel Wood Twin Inlay Rose Gold Titanium Wedding Band

Whiskey Barrel Wood Twin Inlay Rose Gold Titanium Wedding Band

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Looking for a unique wedding band that's both classy and modern? Meet our real solid oak barrel wood inlay titanium wedding ring for men and women. We purchase used whiskey barrels and re-purpose the wood for our best-selling wood inlay rings. We cut the wood inlay from solid wood, and we don't use paper-thin veneer. What you touch is the actual wood with real texture, not a thick layer of resin.

How We Protect the Whiskey Wood

Our wood goes through a 3-step treatment process makes it resistant to water, protects it, and brings out the beautiful golden-honey color you won't find on anything but a used whiskey cask. First we fill the natural holes in the wood with putty and allow it to harden (don't worry the natural pocks and grooves on the ring still show and can be felt when you run your finger on it). Then we seal the putty and wood with primer. The final step is a top coat of wood oil that really brings out the color. The end result is a highly durable, water-resistant real wood ring that is unlike most others.

These Aren't Your Average Wood Rings

Most wood inlay rings only have a thin veneer texture (and in truth we do sell these as well). Like wallpaper is used to decorate a wall, wood veneer is used to "wallpaper" shelves, tables, or any surface that you want to make look expensive while using cheaper materials underneath. This whiskey barrel ring is not that. It's a solid piece of oak wood reclaimed from an actual used cask used to distill whiskey that is handmade to order and crafted onto a modern titanium wedding band.

Titanium Bands in Every Color for Men and Women

We have several color options of titanium for a truly unique look not available elsewhere, including: silver titanium, black titanium, gunmetal gray titanium, rose gold titanium, and brown titanium. Originally only available in 8mm width for men, we have now have a 4mm width matching ring for women as well. To achieve as close a match as possible, the 4mm version loses one of the two 2.5mm wood inlays of the 8mm, and is actually 4.5mm if you look closely. Our rings are available in half and hole sizes from 5.0 all the way up to 15.0. Men's and women's ring sizing use the same scale.

Do Wood Rings Scratch?

One thing you should know about our rings is they are made of real wood. We'll say it again: IT'S WOOD. Real wood is not scratch-proof (frankly, nothing is). Real wood can and will get scratched over time. If you think of a house with real hardwood floors, you understand that it needs to be maintained and treated with care. If you drop something on it, guess what? It'll be there forever. The same is true for our whiskey barrel oak wood ring as well. This is not a design flaw, this is what real wood is like. If you are worried about the wood scratching, this is a valid concern and we would recommend one of our veneer wood inlay rings instead. The veneer is sealed with a thick layer of acrylic resin so while it can and certainly will scratch as well, it is more durable than the wood on this ring, even though it has gone through a 3-step treatment process. What makes this ring special (you are actually touching and seeing the natural oak surface) is also one of it's sticking points. If you are looking for a solid wood ring like this, we highly suggest you steer clear of all-wood rings or any rings that have wood exposed on the edges.

What Style Wood Ring Offers the Best Protection?

Comparing different wood ring styles for best protection

Our twin inlay design has been carefully chosen to maximize the protection of the oak barrel wood sandwiched between jewelry grade titanium. We believe this design is the best one possible if you are looking for a solid wood ring. If the wood were exposed on either edge, you would see it wear away rather quickly. Our edges are made of commercially pure grade titanium (over 99% pure titanium). We believe more durable titanium should absorb the impacts on the sides. The wood is surrounded by titanium on nearly all sides but the top layer. Some rings also have a wood sleeve (the interior of the ring is called the sleeve) but this is prone to falling out and/or cracking. It's not something you would ever know or realize until you own one, and not something anyone would tell you before a sale. At Hanover Jewelers, we believe honesty is the best policy. We're telling you the wood can scratch because it's WOOD. We've design the most protected ring based on our years of experience hand-making this style ring. We believe it's the best compromise between a beautiful and unique ring and durability.

Caring for your Whiskey Barrel Wedding Band

When the wood scratches, you can treat it with wood wax to reduce the appearance. Just like real hardwood floors need periodic treatment to reduce the appearance of scratches, these whiskey barrel wood rings can benefit from a little tender loving care too. Treat your ring with attentive care: it's not indestructible, it's wood. When it scratches (and it will), a little wax will do wonders for its appearance. If you're doing something that involves a lot of manual labor, take the ring off. A tiny bit of attention to your Hanover Jewelers ring will go along way.

The perfect titanium wedding band or engagement ring in a polished finish for that special someone. Features: real wood inlay, flat surface with pipe cut edges, rose gold ion plating. Thickness: 1.5 mm - 1.7 mm. Weight: 2 - 4 grams. Engravable: Yes.


Want to make your ring uniquely yours? We offer a custom laser engraving service so you can commemorate that special occasion. To purchase an engraving, be sure to add the engraving service to your cart before checkout.


Some or all of the color on this ring is achieved through a process called ion plating. Find out if a plated ring fits your lifestyle and expectations.