Lowest Price Guarantee

Shop with confidence!

With our lowest price guarantee, you can buy any item knowing you that you are getting the best pricing available, even after you make a purchase!

We are constantly monitoring our competitor's prices to offer the lowest prices available anywhere online. However, if you discover the same item for sale at a lower price on another website, we will not only match the price, we will give you an extra $5 off your order too!

Already ordered? No problem! We will refund you the difference if your purchase was made in the last 30 days.

Why should you buy from Hanover Jewelers? We hope for many of these reasons:

  • All our rings are only of the highest quality, proudly designed and made in the USA
  • Easy no-questions-asked 30 day return policy
  • Absolutely no outrageous "restocking" fees
  • Free shipping
  • 1 to 4 day priority delivery
  • World class customer service
  • 100% secure and error-free checkout backed by SSL web encryption
  • Hanover Jewelers only offers rings at the lowest possible price! Other jewelers will sell rings at a 300% profit which we feel is ridiculous.

Lowest Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions

In order for a competitor's pricing to qualify under our Lowest Price Guarantee, the item must be sold by an authorized U.S. retailer, be an identical model, match the model number, have the same U.S. manufacturer's warranty, be brand new (not refurbished), be in stock, and must contain the same components. The price must not require the use of any coupon codes, gift cards, cashback, or store credit. The Lowest Price Guarantee does not apply to any prices as a result of obvious pricing errors, clearance, or close-out sales due to one-of-a-kind pricing based on condition. The Lowest Price Guarantee does not apply to products listed in auction websites or membership websites (such as those that require membership fees). The Lowest Price Guarantee applies to the total cost of the item which includes purchase price, shipping fees, handling fees, processing fees, taxes, and other applicable fees. Remember, Hanover Jewelers offers free shipping on every order so our listed price is our total price, excluding taxes where required by law. The Lowest Price Guarantee only applies to online e-commerce websites and not to private party sales or brick and mortar stores. Hanover Jewelers reserves the right to verify a product's availability, total price, and model qualifications before issuing a price match or refund. Hanover Jewelers reserves the right to refuse a price-match that would incur a loss.