Ring Replacement Service

Ring Replacement Service

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For International Exchanges

We understand that international exchanges can be quite the hassle so we have streamlined the process to be as easy and low cost as possible. Under our current policy, international customers are responsible for shipping both ways (customer to us, us back to customer) as well as heading to the post office or dropping off the package and properly completing customs forms. However, for certain rings, we have an optional alternative policy, where customers do not need to return their rings back to us. Instead, we request that our international customers cover the shipping only one-way (from us to customer) plus a small replacement fee. This policy does not apply to 14K gold rings.

If your ring qualifies for this policy as determined by Customer Care on a case-by-case basis, and you ordered a non-14K gold ring (tungsten carbide, ceramic, titanium, cobalt chrome, or Damascus steel), please purchase the International Ring Replacement from the correct zone (A, B, or C) as instructed. The zone is determined by the cost for us to ship to your country.

Otherwise if you ordered a 14K gold ring, please purchase 14K Gold Ring Replacement as well as the other items as instructed by Customer Care.

For 14K Gold Ring Exchanges

We do our best to eliminate restocking fees on nearly all of the rings that we offer. Unfortunately, this is not possible with our 14K gold rings as each one is made-to-order and not stocked like our other rings. If you require an exchange of your 14K gold ring, please purchase the 14K Gold Ring Replacement as instructed by Customer Care. All 14K gold ring exchanges must be returned to us regardless of domestic or international orders. The alternate international exchange policy does not apply.